St. Matthew's History

Many faces, one faith.

We are a diverse group of believers – farmers, construction workers, teachers, health care providers, seamstresses, business owners, parents  – united by our shared faith in a loving God. 

Who We Are

Our Mission

 St. Matthew's  Church main purpose is to worship the living God and honor Him at all times. For this reason the congregation shall share the good news of sins forgiven in Jesus Christ's Name and observe the Sacraments. The congregation shall seek to realize Christian fellowship within the local and universal church; shall serve humankind lovingly; and strive for righteousness, justice, and peace.


Oh how easy it is to get lost! With our cell phones and iPads, our 24-hour news cycles, there’s virtually nowhere to go for a moment of peace and quiet.


That’s where St. Matthew's UCC Church comes in. We provide a holy place of respite in the tumult of life. So come, put aside the cares of the week and find yourself in the presence of God.

St. Matthew's UCC

Kunkletown, Pa


  2. Currently on hold FAMILY TABLE ALTERNATIVE WORSHIP- 2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH AT NOON With Country, Gospel & Contemporary Music

St. Matthew's is one of the oldest churches in Monroe County. The Moravian Church began a Christian mission to the Native Americans living in the area. The first white settlers arrived in the area in 1768. By 1770, worship services were being conducted in barns and private homes. In 1779, dedicated German Lutheran and Reformed Christians built a log cabin church building on land donated by Abraham Schmidt. The church was dedicated on October 27,1779

As the area grew in population, the church membership also grew. In 1846 a stone building was built to replace the log cabin. Then in 1900, the current church structure was erected. In 2015, we will be adding a new addition to our building that will contain an elevator, handicapped bathrooms, new offices and classrooms. St. Matthew's was a Union Church for most of its early history- we were both Lutheran and Reformed. In 1975 the two churches joined together and affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

 The United Church of Christ (UCC) became a new denomination in 1957 when two predecessor denominations merged: The Evangelical Reformed Church (which traces its roots back to Ulrich Zwingli and John Calvin of the Protestant Reformation) and the Congregational Christian Church (which traces its roots back to the pilgrims in New England). Through the years, other groups have joined the United Church making us diverse in our ethnic and cultural background. The UCC is a uniting church that seeks to follow Jesus' prayer "that they may be all one" (John 17:21). Our current motto is "God is still speaking," Our World is going through rapid changes in this new century, but God continues to speak to those who listen.

What Is the United Church of Christ?